The COVID-19 Stimulus Package

Here is the 800 pages of legislation put together that we know as the CARES Act.


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Three Main Loan Programs COVID 19

Here is a chart of the three main loans through the SBA 

Small Business Loans

Though CARES Act

Are you a small business owner looking for information?

Small Business Owners Guide to the CARES Act

U.S Senate Document

Summary of the  COVID 19 CARES ACT

A Summary of The CARES Act explained layman's terms

Individuals & Families

CARES Act Resources

Looking for more information?

Three Step Process to Apply for A Disaster Loan

Looking for more information?

Coronavirus and Forbearance Info for Students

Article on Forbearance info for students.


Loan forgiveness 


A budget can be hard to make when you don't have any money. We can show you the tricks to manage your money. We think there is a better way to control & track your money. 

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Most people think all financial planners are “certified,” but this isn’t true. Just about anyone can use the title “financial planner.” Only those who have fulfilled CFP Board's rigorous requirements can call themselves a CFP®professional. 

CFP® professionals are held to strict ethical standards to ensure financial planning recommendations are in your best interest.


What’s more, a CFP® professional must acquire several years of experience related to delivering financial planning services to clients and pass the comprehensive CFP® Certification Exam before they can call themselves a CFP® professional.

Financial planning is a dynamic process. Your financial goals may evolve over the years due to shifts in your lifestyle or circumstances such as aging parents, an inheritance, career change, marriage, house purchase or a growing family. As you begin to consider how best to manage your financial future, you should feel confident knowing that with a CFP® professional, you’re working with someone committed to providing the highest standard of financial planning.

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